The Return of Justice; The Wave; It’s coming NOW (via LEGITAMYSTIC.COM)

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It's inevitable. It can't be stopped. Nobody can steer us away from it. It's coming soon. Justice. Love. Truth. The manifestations and developments of 2011 which have been forseen all along. Coming in late september we will be experiencing a stellium in libra. This is a focus of energy which aligns the heart chakra of all beings in this local star system. This will be much different then the more recent stellium in aries, which has brought us muc … Read More



Home Made Marshmallows by Bri


Why did I ever want to make my own marshmallows? As George Mallory said, when asked, ‘Why climb Mount Everest’  his answer was, “Because it is there”! Well that is

why I wanted to make marshmallows, because they are there…

So without further adieu; marshmallows:


– Candy thermometer
– Mixing bowl
– 9” square cake pan (any shape you want – 9”)
– Mixer, blender or food processor
– Spatula


15 ml (1T) of fine cooking oil; ie. grape seed *
250 ml (approximate) Confectioners Sugar– for powdering, (makes all the difference to me…)
• 30 ml  (2T) unflavoured gelatine. ( or two packages)
• 375 ml (1½ C) granulated sugar
• 125 ml (½ C) cold water +
45 ml (3 T) water
• 125 ml (½ C) light corn syrup
• 15 ml 1( T) vanilla extract

Start by brushing a 9” square pan w/oil. Generously dust with confectionary sugar, tapping out excess. Pour ½ cup water into a mixing bowl. Sprinkle gelatine on top, let stand about 5 minutes, to moisten the gelatine.

Combine granulated sugar, corn syrup and 45 ml (3 T) water, in sauce pan on medium low. Bring to boil, to dissolve the sugar. Bring to 240°, without stirring (soft ball stage). Once this temperature is reached remove from heat.

With mixer or blender of your choice, beat gelatine mixture on high speed. Gradually add hot syrup in thin steady stream. Beat 5 minutes longer, until mixture is white, fluffy and stiff. Then, beat in vanilla. Pour mixture into prepared pan, with oil coated spatula.Spread evenly. Let stand uncovered at room temperature for 10 to 12 hours.

Dust a large cutting board with confectioners’ sugar. With an oiled knife, cut into 4. Cut squares into approximately 3 cm (1 inch) squares.

There you have it, and enjoy.

Oh, if you want to know why I wrote this article? It is due to my conversation with Lulu on Radio Rock Cafe on BlogTV . A simply beautiful group of people, hosted by Ben. Thanks folks…

* I use a special formula/ratio of ½ extra virgin olive oil and ½ liquid Lecithin. This is industrial strength and still healthy. – bri ❤

Nutritional Analysis:
water=97.17 g; calories=2447; protein=12.16 g; total fat=14.18 g; saturated fat=1.34 g; monounsaturated fat=2.23 g; polyunsaturated fat=9.65 g; carbohydrate=586 g; total sugars=492.8 g; alcohol=4.54 g; ash=0.67 g; calcium=38.56 mg; phosphorus=6.33 mg; iron=0.41 mg; sodium=147.9 mg; potassium=32.99 mg; magnesium=6.98 mg; zinc=0.87 mg; copper=0.35 mg; manganese=0.06 mg; vitamin E=3.97 mg AT; thiamin=0.11 mg; riboflavin=0.13 mg; niacin=0.07 mg; pantothenic acid=0.02 mg; folate=4.26 ug DFE; selenium=9.55 ug; refuse=0.%; blocks carb:prot:fat=65.1 : 1.7 : 4.7; ECC=586.; %cal as carb:prot:fat=93:2:5; DietPoints=50.1

Dailymotion – Pop Corn téléphone portable micro-ondes – une vidéo Actu et Politique

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I’m going to get a cellular, as they are free, to make my popcorn with… – bri ❤

Dailymotion – Pop Corn téléphone portable micro-ondes – une vidéo Actu et Politique.

Canadian ISPs say they need the money; critics say Internet fees are a cash grab

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Not a surprise, but who in Hell do they think they are??? They take our money. They are Stuarts of our global communications and they don’t want to tell us how well we finance them…. Don’t WANT TO!!! Too bad! – bri ♥

Canadian ISPs say they need the money; critics say Internet fees are a cash grab.

Rawdon Helping Japan – 世界が日本を助けることができる

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World-Japan-Relief Rev1 世界が日本を助けることができる

 A friend of mine, who I will call Gringo, met my wife downtown, in our small hamlet of Rawdon, and started speaking to her about the earth quake and it’s awful impact on the people of Japan. He told her that he would like to do something about it, but the only way he could think of is over the internet. So my wife says to him that “my husband is somewhat of a nerd” – I protest – “ and maybe he could help set something up over the internet.

When my wife got home she laid this on me, and I said… “When do we start?”

That very afternoon I began by doing a search for free sign-up lists. Well I found a few free sign-up lists, but none with the calibre of Sage Point. When Vivian at Sage¨Point saw our entry, she was there to give us a hand to set things up, in a flash.

Ah, but I digress. This in fact is a very serious issue. We have set up a sign-up sheet no. 1 to find people on our humble planet, who are willing, in some way, to help our family from Japan, buy supplying them with various goods and services, such as, cloths, food, shelter, etc. all is very well spelled out on the sign-up sheet.

After we have had enough volunteers, we will create another sign-up sheet in Japanese, letting the Japanese people know that we are here and ready to help them in any way we can.

Having said that, I would like to direct you to the link below, where you can, at least, take and distribute it amongst your friends and colleges. And for those of you who have the means – space, money, cloths – individuals, church groups and other social service groups and philanthropic types, can take up the challenge to give substantial help.

And please, those of you that have a spiritual bent, assisting in this and project like it, will help lead anyone to better dharma (good karma) – bri heart1

Growing Wheatgrass at Home 3 of 3

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Calculating Trays: 

Okay, down to the home stretch. These little illustrations that I put together here using my trusty Xara Graphics program – a little plug for my affiliate – are to help me explain how to determine the amount of berries to use for a tray of a certain size. For those of you who are mathematically inclined it will be easy. For the rest of us, it takes effort. I will try to explain it, in a way, that won’t take more effort than needed.

I’m basing this  calculation on trays that are 32 x 53 cm which equals 1696 sq cm (you can convert to inches for free online at:

[This is a small, free program For windows:

Right on the internet, no program to download.:]

So you have 1696 sq cm and you use 300 grams of wheat berries.  

In order to calculate your needs, and I would recommend that you get as close to this size as possible, for convenience sake, you measure two sides of the tray (i.e. 26 cm x 37 cm = 962) and you multiply them together. That gives you a dimension of 962 cm sq. Since the 300g of grains are based on 1696 cm sq you have to divide 962, the total square centimetres of your trays, by 1696 the total square centimetres of the tray that takes 300g of grain.

In this case that will give us .56. Since that represents a percentage of the 300g of grain, we just have to multiply the 300g by .56 = that equals 168g of grains for your trays. You can round that up to 170g of course. Next!

Getting your hands dirty: 

Now, you place good black earth on the tray or trays you are going to use. Stretch it to the edges. Then place the germinated sprouts on top of that, going a quarter to one half inch to the side. Suzanne sprays this with algae – maybe she will let us in on her secret? – and then waters them, till the water shows on the sides.

This is done one or two times a day, depending on your availability and the needs of the plant.

You should have a seven inch plant, in about 7 days. 17.78 cm just doesn’t have the poetry as does seven inches, I don’t feel.

Now you are ready to use it. Be sure to cut the grass as close to the soil as possible, because that is where a

lot of the chlorophyll, and other important juice, are found, don’t miss it. You will have to have a very good juicer if you plan to turn it into juice. If you have questions on what types of juicers there are out there, or anything else in which I have knowledge,  contact me. You can reach me at my new contact page:  

This is the whole address:

This is the tinyurl:

to make it easier to write down, if need be.

Hope this little article has been helpful. If you have any other subjects that you’d like me to address, I take suggestions, and give them consideration…

I wish you all great love, Sat Nam, same thing, kinda.

– bri

Click here for file: Formula for Grain Quantity.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer:  

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 (formerly Xtreme) is quite simply the best value and fastest all-in-one graphics package you’ll find. For drawings or photo work, for print or web graphics, it’s the perfect choice.

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Growing Wheatgrass at Home Step 2 of 3

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A bit of a recap from Step 1.

You empty the water from the overnight soak, by leaving the cheesecloth on and tipping the water into the sink. Once the jar is empty, you refill it with water. slosh it around to rinse. You repeat this a few times. This removes the tannins and makes it easier for the berry to  sprout.

After you have rinsed the berries three or four times, you empty the jar and place it on the counter, tilted at an angle, so it can drain. You should put a cloth under the jar, or put it in a draining board. What ever works for you.

You do this for about three days, although it could be ready in two days, as you want the sprout to be about the same length as the original berry. The amount of time it takes depends on the environment of the area you are working in – kitchen – bathroom – laundry room, etc. The closer you are to a sink , for rinsing, and a window, for sunlight, the better, although for the sprouting part you don’t really need sunlight, that is just for the final growing. If you wish you might even consider using UV lamps. I don’t go into  that here though. 

Now, onto part three.






Xara Photo & Graphic Designer:
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 (formerly Xtreme) is quite simply the best value and fastest all-in-one graphics package you’ll find. For drawings or photo work, for print or web graphics, it’s the perfect choice.
Find out more Retail: $89

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